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Picture a canvas------- You are the artist of your life.

The colors, the hues, the tools you use to paint, are completely your choice.

This is your time, space, autonomy, and your narrative.

My desire is to care for you in such a way by simply assisting you with your endeavors of painting the life that you want for you.

Maybe you feel like you don't have the freedom to do this in your current circumstance. You might be feeling like

“this is just too much.” Perhaps you believe that you are too much, or not enough. As corny as it sounds, I truly believe

that revealing your feeling is the beginning of healing. My desire is to foster a safe presence for you to do just that. I invite you

to this very worthwhile, (and sometimes complicated) journey of self-exploration, introspection and acceptance.


I work under the supervision of Nestor Presas LMFTS and I specialize in working with victims of "conversion therapy." 

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