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We don't see individuals as "mentally ill" or in need of a "cure" but instead, pay attention to the conflicts between their need for affiliation, meaningfulness, self-regard,  and independence while being nested in a specific economic and cultural context

How do we at HMD facilitate emotional growth 



We offer a number of modalities aimed at promoting trauma recovery that aims at going beyond the abatement of symptoms but to include social connectedness, self-competence, tolerance of emotions and coherent integration of traumatic events


Finding Secure Love

We believe in love and its power to heal a life that is centered in loving and being loved. We aim at helping people to be present and engaged with their intrinsic motivation towards coping, mastery and growth. We wish our clients the best in their struggle to better themselves while not feeling responsible for "fixing" them 


Becoming Unstuck 

From our early relationship with caregivers we develop internal blueprints of ourselves and the world that inform how we attempt to satisfy our needs in the world, they are maintained by circular feedback, we seek to instil stances that evoque adaptive and effective responses


Basic Maladaptions

Defensiveness, guilt, separtedness. We help people that loathe or denigrates themselves, people that use others for gratification as objects, that worry too muchand those who lack the needed amount of healthy aggression

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