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Heterosexual couple hugging. Pareja hetero abrazandose

Beth didn't even remember how it felt to be in love with Paul. Whenever he entered the home her stomach was in knots, her hands were sweaty, anger, hardly contained. "I know I push and nag," she told herself, "I don't want to be angry at him but how else will I get him to respond." Paul, in turn, had hesitated to pull into the driveway. "I can't please her," he often thought, "I'm always failing in her eyes." She hated the way he "made her feel"

Couples often know that their emotions affect what they do with, and, to one another. However, even though couples know intuitively how important their emotions are generally; they do not know much about how to deal with them and make them productive. What they mostly know is that their negative, angry, or painful emotions are troublesome and ought to be suppressed at all costs and that loving feelings are as powerful as they are confusing. The good news is that here we can coach you and choreograph your relationship to make it more fulfilling. We can teach you what feelings need more work and what feelings are important and need to be shared 


The discovery of being betrayed by the person we depend on for security is a pivotal event in a relationship. For those who want to give a chance to forgiveness and reconciliation that understand how to deal with the violation of trust and the task that each partner must complete, with our help, to find resolution, healing the wound and a new beginning


We work with parents and adolescents to strengthen their bond at this crucial stage to assist parents to understand them, influence them, protect them and assist them to complete their developmental tasks  

High Conflict Couples 

Some couples experience a level of emotional turbulence that leaves them exhausted, isolated and scared. We have a record of success integrating emotional regulation techniques into a coherent model to provide a healing connection to those labeled as difficult or "toxic." taking into account reciprocal influences, context, attachment needs and cultural requirements 


Every person and therefore every dyad will experience issues of sexual expression at some point in life; desire discrepancies, sexual dysfunction, even the death of passion. Sex therapy and Couples Therapy are not different but complementary disciplines, talk is not the only road to closeness. Sex serves more than one function; closeness, safety, pleasure, and relaxation. 


We offer help for bitter arguments, disconnection, power and control struggles, healing separation, blended families, co-parenting

Couples Therapy for emotional disorders

Recent scientific developments have expanded the field of couples therapy to include helping clients with anxiety and depression to find relief in the context of their main relationship, preventing isolation and stigmatization. 

Gay couple cheering. Pareja gay celebrando
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