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About Nestor 

Every person is, in part, defined by history; Personally, I have witnessed the effects of authoritarianism -that overt expression of extreme narcissism- and, its counterpart, learned helplessness. Hence, I strive for creating the conditions were humans can regain their curiosity, hope, and a new interactional perspective of themselves. Having also also known love, generosity, tolerance, respect and solidarity. I reject the need for cynicism: under the right conditions one can comfortably adhere to the unconditional confidence in the human potential for self-understanding, tolerance and positive change

My Philosophy

My orientation and strategy is one that always aims to complement the client's worldview. My role is never to impose my vision or values. I never listen to clients from a critical or judgemental perspective but instead I am honored by the opportunity to enter their emotional world. Psychotherapy is a process of collaboration that must always be suitable of being described as empathic, respectful and congruent. The therapist must be able to create this secure base without becoming fused or enmeshed with the client. 

Let's Collaborate

Get in touch; you can ask me a question using your information or confidentially using a pseudonym 

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